Nicole Boudreau

Lytton Park is located in northern Toronto. The area extends from the corner of Briar Hill Avenue and Mona Drive to the corner of Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue West. The area mainly features detached homes which account for the majority of sales in the neighbourhood. However, there is still a selection of condos and semi-detached homes available. This is an ideal option for families in the market for luxury real-estate.

Lytton Park fits under the umbrella of exclusive Toronto neighbourhoods. Featuring gorgeous luxury detached homes built on large lots, the area is home to lawyers, doctors, corporate executives and stockbrokers. It is a quiet neighbourhood, with excellent recreational facilities and some of the most reputable public and private schools in Toronto. The area is named after Lytton Park, which includes public tennis courts and the North Toronto Lawn Bowling Club. Otter Creek Park is also in the vicinity which includes a baseball diamond, a basketball court and an outdoor skating rink that is converted in to a skateboard park in the summertime.